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The following pictures were taken appoximately four months after the storm hit. If you think the damage is unbelievable, imagine what it looked like before several months of clean up.

casino damage, hurricane katrina
Residential damage.
casino damage, hurricane katrina
Commercial damage.
casino damage, hurricane katrina
Casino damage.
casino damage, hurricane katrina
Casino goodies for sale.
All of the items pictured in "Casino goodies for sale" were salvaged out of the establishments pictured in "Casino damage". Many items feature the logo of an establishment that was utterly destoryed, not to be rebuilt. As such, they'll make great conversation pieces and collection additions. Lastly some of the pics are of casino only items, never sold to the public at any price, and are not to be found anywhere else. Interested parties can email me at william@bullseyepoker.com or call (480) 968-2590


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