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Royal Flush Jackpot

A Royal Flush is a special event on any occasion, and enough to get excited about by itself. But we have decided to give you even more to celebrate by giving every person who gets a Royal Flush upto $500!

The prize will be awarded to each player that receives a Royal Flush, regardless of how many times it has been won in each given day, provided that

1) The Royal was dealt on a Real Money table, tournament hands and games do not qualify.

2) Both hole cards were used to make up the Royal Flush, in Texas Holdem, and at least two down cards in 7 Card Stud and Omaha.

3) The hands were played independantly winners must not have told opponents how to act or reveal their hand to other players. Violations will disqualify the hand for the Jackpot.

The percentage of the prize fund awarded depends up on the limit of the table. The percentage awarded is as follows :

For limit tables of $1/$2 and lower: 25% of the total prize will be distributed.

For limit tables of $2/$4: 50% of the total prize will be distributed.

For limit tables of $3/$6: 75% of the total prize will be distributed.

For limit tables of $5/$10 and higher: 100% of the total prize will be distributed.

The software will automatically credit your account with the appropriate amount when you win the Royal Flush Jackpot.











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