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   Welcome to what I think is the most exciting page on this web site! And if you like money, I'm sure that you're going to agree with me. Even if you are a novice in the poker world and just breaking even in the b&m (brick and mortar) casinos, you can easily win over $1000 per month playing poker online - part time. How? By playing for complementaries. Known as comps for short, they are freebies given out by casinos to attract new players and also to encourage loyalty in their established clientele. A b&m casino will comp their customers in a variety of ways including free and discounted hotel rooms, free food, free show tickets, cashback for players points, airline rebates and drawings. Most of these methods are not available to online poker rooms so instead, they offer deposit and rebuy bonuses and since their overhead is so much lower (there's no mortgage on prime real estate to pay, no dealers and no massive electric bill etc..) most are quite generous with them. What casino do you know of where you can sit down at the poker table, buy in for $100 and they'll give you an extra $20 to play with? It happens all the time online and yes, that's 20% on your money. Just a tad bit more than what your bank is paying. :-).

   The way it works is this. Let's say you click on the link from our home page and open an account at Partypoker.com. When you first open the account, you'll get a sign-up bonus. In this case, you would get a free 20% of the amount deposited up to $100. You can actually deposit as little or as much as you'd like, but I would recommend qualifying for the maximum bonus possible. And why not? Itís free money!

   Now while the online casinos are generous, they're not stupid. You won't be able to just deposit $500, get a $100 bonus and cash out $600 immediately. Just like in a real casino, you have to play to qualify for comps. In this case, you'll need to play 500 raked hands before you can cash out the bonus money. If you played two games at the same time, this would take about five hours. At that rate, you're making $20 per hour just in sign-up bonuses not including your winnings. There are quite a few reputable online cardrooms you can do this at. Some of the best are listed here along with the bonuses they offer and what you have to do to qualify.

   Once you have qualified for the initial sign-up bonus, you'll want to cash out the money within a few days. If you keep a large balance, you won't get many new redeposit offers. Besides, you'll need the bankroll to use for more bonuses. Move on to the next sign-up bonus and soon you will receive redeposit offers from the previous casino in your e-mail. They'll say "we missed you" or "October special", "mother's day", "fourth of July", "Easter" or what ever other reason they can think of to get you to come back and play some more. You'll want to have several accounts (I have 12) so that you can always be working on qualifying for a bonus when you're playing. There's no reason not to. If you're going to be playing anyways, you might as well be getting some free money to do it. Rarely does a day go by that I donít get a new offer in my e-mail box for a "free $100". My favorite is at Intercasinopoker.com where you get a 100% bonus up to $90 every month. I wish you good luck and with 20%, 50% and 100% deposit bonuses, you won't need much.

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