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The goals of a serious player.


   If you are interested in winning money playing poker, then playing online is the way to go. Why? The goal of a serious player is to make 1 to 1 1/2 big bets per hour - long term. If you're just starting out in the casino, or haven't yet moved up, you're at the $3-$6 game getting eaten up by the rake and struggling to make $6 per hour. That sounds like work. Yuck!

   But what if you were playing the same game online? Well now, here are some very conservative estimates. The rake will be at least $1 less per pot. You'll win about 5 hands per hour either way but online, each pot will have an extra buck in it. This alone would almost double your hourly rate but we'll just say you're up to $10. Now in the b&m (brick and mortar) casino, what do you do when you win a pot? Hopefully. You tip the dealer. Guess what? There's no dealer online and that's at least another $5 per hour in your pocket. We're up to $15 an hour and this is finally starting to sound decent.

   Now let me ask you a question. Have you ever been so bored waiting for a decent hand to play (or just got frustrated and started playing garbage) that you wished the dealer would deal faster or the players would play faster or you could play two games at the same time? Not gonna happen in a b&m but online, no problem. The computer deals much faster than a human and online players act much quicker so you'll see 50% more hands right off the top. That should correspond to a 50% increase in profit but let's just say you get an extra 35%. You're now up to $20 per hour. And lastly, with some practice, you will be able to play multiple hands. I usually play four games at the same time. No boredom, no frustration, no waiting 20 minutes for a playable hand. Lots of action and with the best of it too.

   At this point I must throw a few caveats. You will not average $80 per hour playing 4 tables of 3-6 holdem for a few reasons;

  • You don't get tells online
  • You will sometimes make playing errors because you won't have as much time to think a situation through
  • You will make mouse errors when flipping back and forth between tables. Fold when you meant to raise, call when you meant to fold. It happens to the best of us
  • You may get disconnected or experience an "internet delay" during a big hand in which case you would be treated as all in and lose profit.

   In the end, most people find that the benefits far outweigh the negatives. Other considerations are;

  • You don't have to drive to the internet.
  • There's always a game going at whatever stakes you play.
  • If the competition is tough, you're only a click away from a softer game.
  • You'll never have to worry about the b.o. or cigarette smoke of the player next to you.
  • And don't forget, Sign-up and Deposit Bonuses!


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