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PartyPoker.com Players Club!-- Your Membership to unlimited Rewards!

Welcome to the PartyPoker.com Players Club - the finest Players Club online.This is our way of thanking you - the players who have made PartyPoker.com the world's favorite poker destination. The PartyPoker.com Players Club is not just about free Party Points. You can also earn exclusive privileges and unlimited rewards.

Every time you login to PartyPoker.com you will have a chance of earning free Party Points to use in your favorite poker room. These valuable Party Points can be used to purchase fantastic merchandise or converted to free entries into our Players Club special multi-table tournaments.

There's more than one way to earn free Party Points and the more Party Points you earn, the higher your membership level. The higher your membership level, the more Party Points you earn - which means that your PartyPoker.com Players Club benefits continue to get bigger and better!

To experience fantastic benefits as a member of PartyPoker.com's Players Club, just Join the PARTY!


Earning points is very simple. Every time you play with real money (Live games, single and multi-table tournaments) at PartyPoker.com you earn points. You also earn bonus points for making a deposit, referring a friend, playing during our happy hours and playing regularly on PartyPoker.com.

The points you earn are calculated depending on your activities and your Players Club membership level.

There are three membership levels in our players club, Blue, Silver and Gold! The more you play, the higher your membership level and the higher your membership level the greater your benefits.You can move and remain at higher PartyPoker.com Players Club levels by accumulating the required points for that particular level.

Being a member of the PartyPoker.com Players Club ensures only the best privileges, benefits and poker action.

  How do I move from one level into the other?

It’s easy – just keep on playing! Every three months we will assess your Player’s Club Points. If you have accumulated more than 35,000 points you will be automatically upgraded to the GOLD level, no matter whether you were SILVER or BLUE before. More than 10,000 points will get you into our SILVER club.

Once you are a SILVER or GOLD member, you will need 7,000 and 25,000 points respectively to maintain your membership in this category provided there is no month of inactivity [inactive months are defined as months where no points are earned].








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