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   In addition to poker, this site offers blackjack, baccarat and Chinese poker. Only e-mail based support is provided, but with a good response time generally. Pokerroom has set up a community where you can find articles by well known authors and discuss various topics in their forum.


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   The software is offered in two formats: Windows download or Java applet. The Java version is a definite advantage for Mac and Linux users or anyone not permitted to install downloaded software on their PC (Poker at work? Yipee!). Users of the Java software have a choice between the standard version and a "lite" version with lower quality graphics. Pokerroom offers more detailed statistics on your play than any other cardroom including % of flops seen, % of showdowns won, number of bets W/L on each hand and hourly W/L rate. You can also see stats for the whole website like results for each starting hand combination by position and a list of pocket cards ranked by profit updated in real time. One of the few sites to offer keyboard shortcuts, they are the first site to have a random delay on the "act in turn" buttons to allow use without fear of giving away a tell.


   First time deposit bonus 20% up to $100. Players earn points for each raked hand played, the points can be used for tournament buy-ins or redeemed for cash and the player with the most points per day is awarded $250.


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For more poker rooms, information, and links regarding the implications of the Internet gaming provisions contained in Title VIII of the Safe Ports Act, click here.

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